1) The fan is not spinning, under any circumstances?
2) Rotates continuously without stopping at maximum speed?
3) Rotates very slowly, and doesn’t gain momentum?
4) Does not work at all speeds?
5) Behaves strange way: it works, then it does not work?
6) There is a strong vibrations from it, emits strange sounds?
7) Fan runs, but computer diagnostics gives an error message about fan failure?
8) Computer diagnostics does not produce errors on the fan, but it still does not work?
The basic reason of failure of Peugeot/Citroën fans (PSA Peugeot Citroen) is a failure of the electronic
control unit (ECU).
And the reason for its failure is its breakdown due to poor sealing of electronic components and electrical
connections under the aggressive influence of the environment and other factors:
corrosion, temperature extremes, vibration, and other things ... All this makes it virtually impossible to directly
repair of factory made electronic control unit. And if, somehow miraculously, to repair the defective unit and
factory made, as a rule, this repair for a long time is not enough. And if, somehow miraculously, it happened,
as a rule, this repair is not enough for a long time.

We offer you a completely different, alternative, unique in its kind way to solve this problem. We have 7 years’
experience in the repair electronic units for cars. Having thoroughly studied the original Peugeot Citroën
electronic fan control units, we have developed our own, improved, well-protected against corrosion
electronic control unit.
We have significantly strengthened the power of output stage, also we added several additional protections
that are absent in the factory made units. Hundreds of our units passed tests for several years and have
proven themselves.
We give 1 year warranty.

For more details on our units read the Projects tab.
Visit our theme http://www.peugeot-citroen.by forum, which has been around for 2 years, you can read
reviews about us.

We welcome any cooperation as partners.
Contact us and find out the price, you can by clicking on the Contact us tab.

We wish you all the best and success in everything ...

We offer you the most profitable and optimum variant for recovery
the performance of the electronic fan of air conditioner
for Peugeot/Citroen (PSA) from 2002 year.

Repair of Peugeot/Citroen (PSA) fan with an electronic
control unit (ECU) since 2002 for cooling radiator engine
and air conditioner engine.

You have a problem with the electronic fan for Peugeot, Citroen?

The retail price of 100 USD. We give 1 year warranty.

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Serial numbers CITROEN / PEUGEOT (PSA) fans which is an electronic control unit
(Manufacturer Part Number; Reference OE / OEM Number):
1253N5 (1253.N5 00001253N5), 1253E5 (1253.E5 00001253E5), 1253F2 (1253.F2 00001253F2) -
Citroen C5 Mk II, Peugeot 407;
1253E1 (1253.E1 00001253E1), 1253E2 (1253.E2 00001253E2), 1253E4 (1253.E4
00001253E4),1253E6 (1253.E6 00001253E6) - Peugeot 406;
1253T2 (1253.T2 00001253T2), 1253L5 (1253.L5 00001253L5) - Citroen C5 Mk II Mk III, Peugeot
1253T3 (1253.T3 00001253T3), 1253N8 (1253.N8 00001253N8), 1253L6 (1253.L6 00001253L6) -
Citroen C5 C6, Peugeot 407
1253R8 (1253.R8 00001253R8) - Citroen C5 Mk III, peugeot 407; 
1253G0 (1253.G0 00001253G0), 1253K6 (1253.K6 00001253K6) - Citroen C5 C6 C8, Peugeot 407
607 807;
1253G4 (1253.G4 00001253G4) - Citroen Xsara Picasso;
1253H3 (1253.H3 00001253H3), 1253C6 (1253.C6 00001253C6), 1253E9 (1253.E9 00001253E9) -
Citroen C2 C3, Peugeot 1007.
E-mail:  www.autoelectric.pro@gmail.com      Ph.Num. (Viber / Whatsap / Telegram): +375 29 131 74 72
E-mail:  www.autoelectric.pro@gmail.com      Ph.Num. (Viber / Whatsap / Telegram): +375 29 131 74 72
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