1)  Computer diagnostics of cars
2)    Chip tuning diesel and gasoline engines of any car
3)  Repair the electric cooling fan and air conditioner motor
4)  Repair autonomous heaters firm WEBASTO
5)  Repair autonomous heaters firm EBERSP√ĄCHER
6)  Repair autonomous heaters firm ARDIC
7)  Connect the GSM module, a timer or remote control to start the stand-alone heaters
8)  Repair fan oven control output stages
9)  Repair of ABS and DSC units (anti-lock system and sustainability)
10)  Repair plugs heating diesel units system
11)  Russification board monitor menu for BMW
12)  Repair additional electric water pump and autonomous climate system. heating
13)  Repair Unit staff and audio amplifiers
15)  Repair of light control units and ignition LCM units XENON
14)  Repair of regular navigation module
16)  Recovery of  "broken" pixels on the instrument panel and trip computer
17)  Repair multimedia MASK and CCC for BMW
18)  Repair security unit Airbag
19)  Retrofitting linear AUX input sound in the BMW E65, E66
20)  Repair module memory seat and steering column (SM / LSM) for BMW
21)  Repair of electronic turbine control unit
22)  Flashing video module from the screen 4:3 to 16:9 for the BMW E38, E39, E46, E53
23)  Activate the video playback on the move for the MK3, MK4, MASK, CCC, CIC at BMW
Ph.Num. (Viber): +375 29 131 74 72
Ph.Num. (Viber): +375 29 604 43 43
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Ph.Num. (Viber): +375 29 131 74 72
Ph.Num. (Viber): +375 29 604 43 43